Enerplex Jumpr Stack Keeps Your Phone Charged Camping

We live in a digital world, that means we’re running around with our phones all the time. Even when camping or hiking. You will need to keep it charged if you are going to be out for the weekend or plan on using it to play music or take a lot of pictures.

enerplex jumpr stack

Enerplex Jumpr Stack Keeps Your Phone Charged

There are plenty of companies that make large chargers that can charge your battery 10 times before needing to be plugged in. But if you really only need a little boost and don’t want to carry along a big charger the Enerplex Jumpr Stack are great little battery sources when you’re on the go.

enerplex jumpr stack

View the video below for more info about the Enerplex Jumpr Stack

We love how portable these things are, they are around the size of a credit card and can boost your phone up to 65%. We also love how the Enerplex Jumpr Stack work. There are 3 battery packs all of which sit on a charger. You are able to stack all 3 to get juice from all of them, or just use one to get a little boost in power. To get truly understand the process you definitely need to watch the video.

Price: $99

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