Edwin The Duck : A Camping Companion For Kids

For parents with young children, even the thought of spending a night in the tent can create anxiety. Sleep schedules, routines and the comforts of home all play a role in successfully transitioning from the bedroom to the great outdoors. We’ve actually discussed the topic a few times, from tips to setting the tent up for success – to building camping menus that your kids will love.

We came across a product that’s the center of the bullseye for parents needing a little extra help convincing their kids to get into the sleeping bag – and stay there. His name is “Edwin The Smart Duck.

Edwin the Duck fills the void of nightlight, Bluetooth speaker, and of course – trusted companion. When connected to the companion app (currently only available on iOS), Edwin uses motion-based interactions to create a fun learning environment that can go anywhere (he’s waterproof and floats!)

If junior requires a little more convincing at bed time, Edwin will play lullabies and sleep sounds that’ll woo him off to Never Never Land. Luckily the folks at pi lab even remembered a timer – so Edwin won’t drive you crazy at the same time.

Available on Amazon : $120.00