EDC For Just About Any Situation

Seeing the Every Day Carry for someone in 1900 wouldn’t be very interesting.

Sure, you’d see some vintage gear, but it wouldn’t vary that much from person to person. There just wasn’t an abundance of choices available at the time. Part of it was an availability issue (no Amazon Prime), and part was just that technology hadn’t erupted in a million different directions the way it has today.

But…today’s wanderer has a seemingly infinite number of choices for filling their pack.

In a world of digital miniaturization, 3-D printers, and a myriad of online marketplaces, one can get overwhelmed. That’s why I like perusing other EDC lists for ideas. That’s probably also why my pack is a bit odd. At first glance, it looks like the only thing missing is the kitchen sink, but everything is small, and so is the pack. That’s why I’ve kept adding to it over the years. If an item adds variety and very little weight, why not throw it in?

Here’s the list of everything in the video above, with product links:

Just a quick word on the Outdoor Products hydration pack. I’ve had it for 12 years. I honestly would love to update it, but it won’t die. It’s a cheap-o generic brand, but the thing just keeps on working. This is the closest thing they have to it 12 years later. It’s not sexy, but it’s $22, which means that mine has cost me about $2 per year to own. Not bad.

What else should I add to my EDC?