The EcoZoom Versa Is An Excellent LNT Option

These days there are a lot of options for cooking a meal. From ultralight micro stoves to actual ovens for the campsite, we can cook on the fly in any way we wish. When it comes to flavor and the experience itself, it’s still hard to beat a wood fire. Traditional wood fires come with a commitment though. You have to find a firepit, and they’re time-consuming. The EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove doesn’t have any of these problems. The more we use this stove, the more we love it.

What we appreciate most is the fact that you can have a cooking-ready flame ready to go in a minute or two with only a handful of scavenged wood. The EcoZoom Versa is heavily insulated, so all of the heat is concentrated on the cooking surface. This also makes it safe to sit around and easy to cook with. A short stick is all you need to fire up a quick brat for lunch, which brings us to our favorite thing about the EcoZoom Versa: it’s an awesome Leave No Trace way to have a small fire.

It only weighs 14 pounds, has a small footprint, and uses a few handfuls of sticks to cook up a meal. If you grab some bigger deadfall you can actually get a nice size flame that warms up a few folks as they huddle around it in camp chairs. Because it’s so efficient, only a small amount of fine ash is left over, making it a safe to use just about anywhere. We think that any outdoor enthusiast would find a use for the EcoZoom Versa.