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ecoextreme speaker

EcoExtreme Speaker Overview

Overview: Grace Digital, the makers of EcoXGear, is an innovator in the world of internet radios and leading manufacture of a wide variety of award-winning wired and wireless home audio solutions. With a goal to provide the consumer with cost effective, advanced audio solutions that perform with elegance and grace, the EcoExtreme Speaker is a portable, waterproof speaker meant for outdoor adventures.

What Makes It Unique: The EcoExtreme Speaker is a waterproof case with a built-in speaker. The uniquely designed exterior pressure release valve ensures your case is water tight but always easy to open. The case has a spacious and waterproof internal storage compartment to hold your keys, phone, MP3 player, credit cards and cash. With up to 30 hours of battery life off of 3AA batteries, you can be rocking this speaker out on the trail or at the campsite all weekend.

Manufacturer: EcoXGear
Product Name: EcoExtreme
MSRP: $49.99

ecoxgear extreme speaker

EcoExtreme Speaker

ecoextreme speaker

EcoExtreme Speaker


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