Drip Cone Coffee / Kuju Coffee Pour Overs
Recipe type: Coffee
Cuisine: Camp Cooking
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Drip coffee is the most common way to make coffee at home or at the coffee shop (We’re not talking espresso drinks – we’re talking plain old cup o’ joe.) Hot water is poured or dripped over finely ground coffee beans held in a filter. It passes through the grounds grabbing flavor and color as it goes. It drips out the bottom of the filter (and the cone holding it) into a pot or directly into a cup. Coffee making doesn’t get much simpler or delicious than that. And the beauty is it’s so easily adaptable for camping. In fact, KUJU Coffee takes the process to a new level with its Pocket Pourovers. They individually packaged, one-cup filter cones you simply open, support on the sides of the cup, and pour hot water through. Available in a wide range of blends, all KUJU Coffee is ethically sourced, and one percent of each purchased is donated to the National Parks
  • 1 KUJU Coffee Pourover packet per 8-12 oz. of water
  • Water, just below boiling point
  1. Open the packet and pull the filter out of the pouch. Tear along the perforation at the top of filter.
  2. With the wings that pull out from the sides of the filter, secure to any size mug.
  3. Pour water that’s just below a boil into the coffee grounds, allow it to drip into the cup. Repeat until 8 ounces is brewed.
  4. In smaller mugs, it’s okay if the filter rests in the brewed coffee, and this can actually boost the flavor.
  5. Remove and dispose of filter/coffee – ENJOY!
Recipe by 50 Campfires at https://50campfires.com/6-great-ways-to-make-camping-coffee/