kwik tek airhead roatan

Easily Inflatable Kwik Tek Airhead Roatan Kayak

If you are looking to get a kayak that the whole family can enjoy, we can’t recommend the Kwik Tek Airhead Roatan Two Person kayak enough. At under $200 this kayak is perfect to hit the water and feel safe. With high walls you don’t have to worry about the kids falling out, it also is double chambered so if one chamber were to get a leak you would stay afloat. But the best thing about the Airhead is that is inflatable and can pack down to the size of a duffel bag. Many people don’t have the space to store a kayak and even if they do, loading it on the car every time gets to be a pain. The Airhead Roatan is so awesome for that weekend camper who wants to get out on the lake and paddle around.

From The Manufacturer

  • Designed for lakes and moderate white water
  • Lightweight/compact/portable
  • Semi-rigid heavy gauge PVC construction
  • Tubular I-beam floor for superior comfort, buoyancy and tracking
  • Movable/removable inflatable seats provide great back support
  • 2 oversized valves for quick inflating and deflating
  • Drain hole with plug
  • 2 man, 10 ft. 3 in., 2 seats