Diamond Caverns Is A Must-Stop For Cave Lovers In Kentucky [VIDEO]

Diamond Caverns survived the great “cave wars” and is still thriving today. 

Diamond Caverns is an interesting tourist attraction, in part because of how long they’ve been operating. In fact, they’re twice as old as Mammoth Caves National Park, and as a result have a rich detailed history that unfolds as you take the tour. It was discovered by candle light in 1859 and they’ve been giving tours ever since. As we strolled 80 feet below ground we heard all about the “cave wars” and other challenges they had to overcome over the years. The history behind Diamond Caverns was fascinating.

The cave itself is of course, incredible. They’ve remained in business all these years because the formations in the cave are varied and stunning. Tours take about 45 minutes and considered to be strenuous, due to the number of steps and rises and drops in elevation. If you’re in the area be sure you drop in and take a tour. You’ll be glad you did.