dakota watch company angler II

Dakota Watch Company Angler II Has Everything A Fisherman Needs

If you love to fish then we have the watch multi tool for you. The Dakota Watch Company Angler II has everything a fisherman wants out on the water. The Angler II is a watch on a carabiner frame which makes it simple to hook to your life jacket, belt loop or tackle box.

The Dakota Watch Company Angler II is stocked with features from the watch with a Citzen movement inside, an easy to use compass, thermometer, and red LED light. Along with those features it also angler driven features such as a nipper to cut line and a file to sharpen hooks or strike a match if you would need. The watch can wake you up in the morning with an alarm and the day/date feature. The luminescent hands and dial are great for early morning fishing. We love to fish while camping (who doesn’t love a fresh fish meal over the fire?!) and this watch has all of the features we need.

Price: $79.95

See the Dakota Watch Company Angler II in action