Cultural Urban Experience at White River State Park

white river state parkWhen you think of heading to a state park you imagine packing the car and heading to a secluded area to camp, hike, and sit around a campfire. White River State Park is a little different, it’s located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. But what it lacks in campsites and campfires it makes up for in cultural and family friendly activities. This 250 acre park has green spaces, trees, trails and waterways along with many other cultural activities. It is a great place to rent a pedal cart, segway or bike. If water is more your thing paddle boats are also available to cruise through the canal running through the park.

White River State park is surrounded with restaurants, landmarks and shops. What makes this park unique is it’s cultural submersion. After the opening of the park, the Indianapolis Zoo decided to make its home within White River State Park. But they would not be the only one who thought White River would be the perfect place. The park is now home to the Indianapolis Indians baseball team, the largest IMAX theater in the state, the NCAA Hall of Champions Museum, the new Indiana State Museum, The Lawn at White River State Park concert venue.

The park is always buzzing with joggers, sightseers and families making their way to one of the many activities the park has to offer. This is a perfect place to bring the family for a little stroll along the canal, a tour through the Indianapolis Zoo or catch a baseball game at Victory Field. Although it is not your typical state park, White River State Park certainly has a lot to offer its visitors!