Costa Rooster

Overview:New this year is the Costa Rooster. Featured below is one of their new colors. It’s a white/blue combination, a really stylish color very comfortable, mega rubber temples to grip your face and keep the sunglass in place. They’ve also incorporated a small side shield right here which blocks wind and sun from penetrating the side of the lens and makes you extra comfortable and filters a lot of extra light out.

It’s great for riding, speed, cycling, fast running, in a boat where wind gets behind your lens and blow sand or grit in your eyes. It’s also a real big fit. Costa calls this a fit for a melon head. If you’re a guy out there and you have a big head this glass, The Rooster, is designed for you. It incorporates a lot of cool little features like a notch in back that lets you attach a retainer to it and super light weight again.

One of the neat things about Costa is their 581 lens technology is available in either plastic, lightweight, unbreakable or glass for the ultimate resolution scratch resistance.

Check out the new Rooster at one of your favorite retailers or Costa online to check out their whole new line.

Manufacturer: Costa
Product Name: Rooster Gunglasses
MSRP: $249.99

Costa Rooster


Costa Rooster