Coghlan's Carbon Steel Cookset

Coghlan’s Carbon Steel Cookset Makes Camp Cooking Easy

The Coghlan’s Carbon Steel Cookset is perfect for the family car camper. Even when camping, we still try to provide a meal for the family, and this cookset can make it much easier. We all like when things come in a set, ready for us to use straight out of the box and Coghlan’s does this the best. This set has everything you would need to make a nice camp meal. The outside of this set is carbon steel with a non-stick coating on the inside, so you aren’t spending time scrubbing dishes. We love that it all comes nested together giving us so much more room in the camp box for other necessities.

Coghlan’s Carbon Steel Cookset Includes

  • 7.5” fry pan
  • 4 L litre pot with lid
  • 2.3 L pot with lid
  • 0.3 L pot with lid
  • bamboo fiber pot scrubber
  • measuring cup
  • nylon carry bag