coghlan's air horn

The Coghlan’s Air Horn Is Great For Hiking and Emergencies

If you’re headed out camping for the weekend, you have the few necessities that you always pack. We feel like the Coghlan’s Air Horn should be one of them. It may sound silly to some, but you are about to go out in the woods and sleep in a tent, whatever extra precautions you can take, no matter how small are good. The Coghlan’s air horn is really compact, so it is something you can throw in your camp box and forget about (until you need it!). It really is good to bring in your pack when you are hiking in case you need to deter any animals. Plus it is great for emergency situations, even though we all think it will never happen to us, people get lost in the woods, on hikes all the time. The Coghlan’s air horn can be heard for up to one mile and could be really handy if an emergency situation were ever to arise.


  • Easy to operate push button
  • Non-Flammable
  • Compact 1.4 oz size
  • Meets USCG Requirements