chico bag nomad tote

The Chico Bag Nomad Tote Is Large And Unique

The Chico Bag Nomad Tote is a great bag, that will easily haul all the stuff you “needed” to bring camping. It is also cute which is an added bonus! This all purpose bag has a lot of pockets and zippers to store all your goodies.

The Nomad Tote has three exterior pockets for easy access to water bottles and other essentials. It also has a zippered pocket on the inside for belongings you don’t want to lose. The Chico Bag Nomad Tote is a seriously big bag, it has a nice wide opening and can fit up to 40 lbs safely in the bag. It is great for hauling your dry food to the campsite or beach wear and towels for the whole family. We love that it is machine washable as everything can get pretty dirty after a weekend camping trip. By far the coolest feature is its ability to all tuck in to the interior pocket of the bag, making it super compact for storage when it is not in use.

Price: $29.99

See the Chico Bag Nomad Tote in action