chico bottle sling

The Chico Bag Bottle Sling Easily Holds Your Water Bottle

It isn’t always necessary to carry a backpack when you head out for a hike. If you don’t need to pack lunch or extra clothing you may want to go without. But you will want to bring your water bottle and that is where the Chico Bag Bottle Sling comes in handy. The sling easily fits over your body and is made out of 100% recycled bottles, making it eco friendly.

The Bottle Sling has a large pocket for your iPod, phone or wallet, a small pocket for lip balm or a flash drive and a skinny pocket for chap stick or a pen. The Chico Bag Bottle Sling is great to have on little hikes or attached to you at the campsite for easy access to water.

Price: $9.99

See the Chico Bag Bottle Sling in action