GoPro Hero3

Check Out The Awesomeness Of The New GoPro Hero3

The new GoPro has done it again. It’s smaller, lighter and even mightier than the previous versions. It is so easy to capture the highest quality of video with the new GoPro Hero3. It’s packed with features including WiFi for easy updating and sharing and the ability to shoot in 4K for cinema quality footage.

The new GoPro Hero3 comes in three versions, White, Silver and Black. The GoPro Hero3 White is the most basic with a 5MP camera and less video settings, modes and features than the other two models. The Go Pro Hero3 Silver has many features of the Black but lacks the video quality settings and the ability to take simultaneous video and photos. The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition is really where it is at. You can nearly do anything with the camera, from shooting cinema quality, to extreme wide angle shots and having a 12MP camera this GoPro really has it all. All of the new Hero3’s come with WiFi and work great with the new GoPro App.