Cenote Hyrdation Packs

Cenote Hydration Packs Are Reuseable and Recyclable

We’re all familiar with hydration packs, most of us love them and use them all of the time. If you are one of those people you know that if you put juice or even milk for a small child in there, they can get funky real fast. This makes them unusable, which is always a bummer because they are a little bit expensive. The company Cenote (pronounced Si-No-Te) has addressed this issue with the only recyclable hydration pack on the market. Cenote Hydration Packs are BPA and Phthalate-free, coming in packs of 3 in various sizes.

cenote hydration packs

Cenote Hydration Packs are both resuseable and recyclable

These hyrdation packs are both resuseable and recyclable, which is a pretty cool feature. It is super easy to get them ready to be recycled, just cut out the plastic attachment for the hose system and recycle that separatly from the bag. Cenote even makes it nearly impossible to NOT recycle your hydration bladder, because they will do it for you. Just head to the Cenoté website to request FREE postage to return your system back to their office, where they will recycle your system for you.

cenote hydration packs

The Cenote Hyrdation Packs come in 2 and 3 liter sizes with the option for 1 or 3 packs

We have been using the Cenote Hydration Packs for a while now and have not had any issues. We have used them with a variety of liquids including water, juice, workout shakes and even our favorite cocktail. The fact they come in 3 packs is great, we can label on for water use, one for juice, the other for cocktails etc. One thing we really like is the mouth-piece. There are a few bladders we have used that seem to have a mouth piece that just doesn’t fit your mouth well. It is also nice to have a variety of sizes to choose from as carriers are always different sizes. The Cenote Hyrdation Packs come in 2 and 3 liter sizes with the option for 1 or 3 packs. We have become a huge fan of this hydration pack company not only for their innovative take on the ordinary hydration pack.