How To Add A Bed To A Volkswagen Vanagon

Well isn’t that clever? Fellow camper Keif Hunniford figured out a simple way to add a children’s bed in his Volkswagen Vanagon. He made it from $10 worth of canvas and some PVC pipe, and was able to design it ...

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How To Start A Fire With A Lemon

start a fire with a lemon

We’ve seen a lot of creative ways to start a fire, but none involving a piece of fruit. Turns out that you can pull just enough voltage from a lemon to get your tinder up and running. The tip comes ...

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The BioLite CookStove Has A 4 Speed Fan – And It’s Awesome

There is something so satisfying about cooking with wood. Gas stoves are efficient and easy to use, but it just doesn’t compare to cooking your dinner by grabbing a handful of fuel from the forest floor. The cons are that ...

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Infusing Vodka and Other Spirits with Spice

When you want to bring heat to your cocktails, chili peppers are great for infusing your spirits with spice. Making your own infused vodka, gin or rum is an easy way to personalize your liquor cabinet, and the options available ...

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Page Skin Test

beer cocktails

Beer drinkers and cocktail fans – let’s meet in the middle for these three unique beer cocktails! Of course, purists out there think that beer cocktails are a terrible idea, and guess what – they’re wrong. Craft brewing these days ...

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