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This RV Goes Head to Head With Mother Nature – Guess Who Won?

rv crash

He threw caution to the wind… And wow did it not work out in his favor. This is a day where you have to slow it way down if you’re pulling a big rig. Getting there a little early just isn’t ...

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He Drove Up To The ATM With His Fifth Wheel – What Happened NEXT Cost Him THOUSANDS

rv fail

“Honey we need to hit the ATM…” Probably not what he had in mind. We’ll never know if he had enough in his account to cover this, but we sure hope so. Can you imagine? Talk about an insurance nightmare ...

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Will These Two DRUNK Guys EVER Get This Tent Set Up?

tent fail

Nothing is impossible if you try? Yeah…not true. These guys are never going to get this tent set up. So many questions here. Why are they even trying? Did they think they could actually do it? And perhaps most importantly ...

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You’ve NEVER Seen Someone Fall Out Of A Canoe Like THIS Before

canoe tackle

How’s the fishing? If we could all be this lucky to have friends like this. You’re rolling in with the canoe on a hot summer day and you just need a hand tying it up. He asked about what did ...

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This Kayaker Is In BIG Trouble – And It’s HILARIOUS

kayak fail

Sarah help me… We can actually see how that would be terrible Max! You’re out kayaking for the first time (or at least it looks like it) and your kayak fills with water while you’re in the weeds. You would ...

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She Told Him To Lean Back Like He’s On A Horse – IT DIDN’T WORK

Kayak fail

Some people are willing to just jump into a new experience with both feet – or face! We have to give this guy credit for attempting to develop new kayaking skills, but maybe try a dock first? He throws caution ...

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