New Hampshire

On The Line: Photographer and World Traveler – Kylie Fly

Another day, another mountain top for world traveler Kylie Fly.

You might wonder who captures all the incredible images of the 50 Campfires Field Trips. That would be an incredible photographer and kindred outdoor spirit by the name of Kylie Fly.  While she’s based in Salt Lake City, Utah the ...

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The Mount Washington Auto Road Was Worth The Climb

Team 50 Campfires and their decked out rig tackle the Mount Washington Auto Road. You don’t know what that is? Buckle up and hang on tight. It’s an exciting ride you don’t want to miss! As you sit at the ...

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32 Spectacular Leaf Locales Just Around the Corner

Fall is one of our favorite times to get out hiking and see the changes that happen within nature. While it’s easy to take this beautiful change of scenery for granted, we’ve compiled a list of 32 locations across the ...

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Camping Tippicanoe Campground in New Hampshire

James Island County Park Campground in South Carolina

Tippicanoe Campground in New Hampshire Camp New Hampshire: I’m talking with Deb today. She’s the Owner at Tippicanoe Campground in New Hampshire. How’s it going this morning, Deb? Deb: Very well, thank you. Camp New Hampshire: So let’s get started ...

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Camping at Scenic View Campground in the White Mountain National Forest

camping at Scenic View Campground

Camp New Hampshire had the the chance to talk to Carole about camping at Scenic View Campground. She also gave us some insights on popular activities such as hiking on their great trails or spending some time with the family ...

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