Swim With The Manatees: River Venture Tours

you too can swim with the manatees courtesy of River Ventures.

Florida offers a unique opportunity in all of the United States to swim with the manatees. Manatees are unlike any other type of wildlife, and the only place to see them with any regularity in the United States is in ...

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Blue Crab Trapping for Beginners

everything is ready for some blue crab trapping

Blue crab trapping is a fun, relaxing way to spend a lazy day on Florida’s Nature Coast. The crustaceans are abundant and delicious. The fresh, brackish, and salt waterways of Florida’s Nature Coast are all home to blue crabs. What’s ...

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Try This Nature’s Coast Thrill Ride: River Safaris Airboat Tour [VIDEO]

airboat tour with river safaris is better than an amusement park ride

Perhaps the best way to see a bunch of the Nature Coast – really fast – is on board an airboat tour. These thrill rides with River Safaris truly offer something for everyone whether you prefer a thrill ride or a ...

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10 Destinations With Names Outdoor Lovers Will Love

Outdoor lovers will love these romantic destination names, and checking out these great places themselves. It’s a quote that certainly fits around Valentine’s day. It’s got roses. It’s from “Romeo and Juliet.” It applies to outdoor lovers as much as ...

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Airbnb Experiences & Accommodations for Outdoor Lovers

Airbnb outdoor destinations are romantic for lovers of the outdoors.

Finding a romantic outdoor getaway has never been so easy. The world is literally at your fingertips. Airbnb not only offers a wide range of camping and glamping accommodations, they now catalog customizable Airbnb experiences as well. There are a ...

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25 Best Campgrounds Within Two Hours of Miami FL

Campgrounds Within Two Hours of Miami

25 Best Campgrounds Within Two Hours of Miami FL Are you ready for that weekend adventure you’ve been craving? You know what we’re talking about. A camping trip has been nipping at your ankles for months and now you’re finally ...

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2 Glamping Destinations For Ultimate Relaxation

Conestoga Ranch, Utah

What Exactly Is Glamping?? If you’re not already familiar with this new camping phenomenon, many refer to glamping as a combination of the words “camping and “glamorous.” So, basically it’s going camping with glamour. It’s just like regular camping, but ...

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Camping Collier Seminole State Park in South Florida

Collier Seminole State Park

Camping Collier Seminole State Park in South Florida Many of us camp to re-connect with nature. It’s our chance to return to our roots. We recently spoke with Darren from Collier Seminole State Park. He shared with us his favorite ...

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Camping Little Talbot Island State Park

We had the pleasure of speaking with Allison Conboy who is the Park Services Specialist at Little Talbot Island State Park. When asked which campsite she should choose to spend just 1 night camping at – her choice was quick ...

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Camping in Central Florida: B’s Marina and Campground


B’s Camping in Central Florida: B’s Marina and Campground Camp Florida: I’m talking with B this morning from B’s Marina and Campground in Florida. How’s it going, B? B: It’s going okay. Camp Florida: So, how long has B’s Marina ...

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