Stay Protected From The Sun With Deter Mineral Sunscreen

deter mineral sunscreen

If you are going to be outdoors for a long period of time you need to protect yourself from the sun. Nothing is worse than getting sunburned on the first day of a camping trip and suffering through the rest ...

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Instantly Waterproof Your Gear With Gear Aid ReviveX

gear aid ReviveX

Buying clothing and gear that is waterproof is always a good idea but it does wear off over time and washing. Don’t just throw it out, use Gear Aid ReviveX to instantly re-waterproof your gear. ReviveX restores water, oil and ...

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Remove Odors From Your Gear With Gear Aid MiraZyme

gear aid mirazyme

Camping season is over and you don’t see your tent until the next summer. Bet it doesn’t smell very good the first time you set it up for the season. Mildew smell, pet odor, mold odor and other unpleasant aromas ...

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Coghlan’s Paracord Bracelet Is Great In An Emergency Situation

coghlan's paracord bracelet

We know that wearing paracord bracelets has become a little bit of a fashion statement, but there is a purpose to having it with you. Paracord can be used in many emergency situations and any so many different ways it ...

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Survival Straps Paracord Bracelets

survival straps paracord bracelet

Survival Straps is an American company with bracelets worn around the world as a fashion statement, but also has a symbol of strength and honor. Survival Straps paracord bracelets and accessories are made from paracord. Paracord has been all over ...

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Rocky Cornstalker Boots Are Great For Long Distance Hikes

If you are familiar with the name Rocky Boots you know two things for sure. You will be getting a quality boot and your boots will last a long time. The Rocky Boot brand is known for making quality, long ...

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Keep Your High Performance Clothes Smelling Fresh With Sport Wash

keep your high performance clothing smelling fresh

We are definitely in to wearing all of the new high performance materials out there. They are breathable, help capture moisture and can keep you dry. But as you may know after wearing a few times, they start to stink. ...

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Waterproof Your Hiking Boots With SnoSeal

waterproofing hiking boots

I used to make the mistake of buying hiking boots and thinking I never needed to take care of them. I would go out on a hike, in any condition. Soon I would start to realize that my boots were ...

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50 Campfires 2013 Gear Of The Year – Wear

Clothing, shoes and accessories are very important to your overall camping experience. Take it from Jessica Simpson, camping with high heels isn’t very much fun. The editors here at 50 Campfires also know a thing or two about being stuck ...

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JammyPack Hoarder Messenger Bag

JammyPack Hoarder Messenger Bag

The JammyPack Hoarder Messenger Bag provides all the features of the fanny pack but in a one-strap messenger bag. It is one of the best ways to play high quality, loud music on the go. The Hoarder Messenger Bag pumps ...

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