Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Onewheel


It wasn’t too long ago the idea of gliding over the hills and open prairies with an electric board beneath your feet was something from a science fiction novel, or at the very least, something you might see on an ...

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Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Combo Meal Spikeball Set

combo meal spikeball set

We are constantly on the lookout for gear, music, and games, really anything that makes camping more enjoyable. Playing games that get us up and moving around the campsite is great, but it’s hard to find something that pleases everyone; ...

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Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Stanley Adventure Happy Hour 2X System

Stanley Adventure Happy Hour 2X System

Picture this: you and your friends have planned all year for your annual camping trip. You meet up from across the country, and make the four mile trek into the wilderness from where you can park your vehicles and begin ...

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Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Scosche boomBOTTLE+

Scosche boomBOTTLE

Nothing sets the right vibe for a party like music coming through high quality speakers. Bring the party to the campsite with the BoomBottle+. This newly released bluetooth speaker really kicks out the tunes while staying completely waterproof and dustproof, ...

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Old Town NEXT Canoe: Review

Old Town Next Canoe

The Old Town NEXT Canoe is nimble like a kayak, and functional like a canoe. Paddling this hybrid canoe/kayak on a lake near the 50 Campfires basecamp, we loved the low center of gravity from the centered seat, combined with ...

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Old Town Loon 111 Outfitter

Holiday Gift Guide

Here at 50 Campfires, we love getting out on the water. In our book, nothing beats a day out paddling on the lake. But not every voyage calls for our canoe, and sometimes we like to explore smaller waterways that ...

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Extrasport Eon Men’s PFD

Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you‘re paddling on your favorite lake, casting for the record setting big one or navigating newly discovered waterways, The Eon Personal Floatation Device from Extrasport is built for you. Featuring lightweight materials, oversized pockets, and reinforced zippers; the Eon ...

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Sleds For Young and Old

Snolo Sled xl

7 Ways to Wonderful Winter Memories So, you want to do some sledding this winter? We do to! These sleds are going to wet your appetite for winter fun and get you into the sledding mood. We picked out a ...

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Packable Pails Review & Giveaway!

If it were up to my toddler daughter, we’d pack a separate bag of toys anytime that we left the house. In reality, they’re usually the last thing to make it into the bag. They’re usually big and bulky – ...

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Get The Party Started With The Original Nomad Portable Hot Tub

original nomad portable hot tub

Forget bringing the kitchen sink…bring a hot tub! Looking to step up your glamping game? Why not throw in the Original Nomad Portable Hot Tub? Just think about the expression on your friend’s faces when they roll up an you’re ...

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