AVEX Brazos AutoSeal Water Bottle Review

AVEX Brazos AutoSeal Water Bottle

The AVEX Brazos AutoSeal water bottle may look like plenty of water bottles you see on the shelf, but we promise you it is special. With interchangeable tops and an easy one hand operation AVEX takes the water bottle game ...

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TecNu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub Overview

Overview: TecNu Extreme Scrub does three different things. It actually helps you prevent a rash if you can clean up after you’ve been exposed. So let’s say you’re out gardening, hiking, or you’re out camping and you get plant oil ...

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TecNu Calagel Overview

Overview: TecNu Calagel is an antihistamine that helps with swelling if you have a rash or maybe a sunburn, bug bites, all those different things where you might need something to relieve the itch and also reduce the swelling. Calagel ...

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Goodwipes Deodorizing Body Wipes Overview

Overview: On certain camping trips, getting a shower isn’t an option. Still, nothing takes the edge off of a long day in the sun better than cleaning up and relaxing. The hard truth is if you are sticky, sweaty or ...

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EcoVessel Double Barrel Insulated Beer Mug: Review

eco vessel double barrel mug

You know who likes warm beer? No one! That’s why you need some sort of container to deal with the problem, right? I know what some of you will say, “just drink your beer faster!” Point taken, but there are ...

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Outdoor Products : Freefall Hydration Pack Review

When I brought the Outdoor Products Freefall Hydration Pack home to test, my wife asked “What’s up with that cute little pack?” She’s right – it is a “cute” pack, but cuteness quickly disappeared when I dug into just how ...

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Tenba Shootout Backpack 24L Review

Just thinking about packing for a trip starts to make my back hurt. Sure, I have the usual clothes bag – and I never travel anywhere without my laptop. That’s just the start. I’ve been known to pack for a ...

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Gregory Tempo Backpack Overview

gregory tempo backpack

Overview The Gregory Tempo Backpack 8, 5 and 3 for men and the Gregory Pace Trail Running Backpack 8, 5, and 3 for women all employ the patented Wraptor stabilizer technology for a gender-specific fit that eliminates pack bounce. Improved ...

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Adventure Medical Heeler Kit Overview

Overview: For 25 years Adventure Medical has been providing wilderness first aid kits. They are expanding into a new area of expertise – the four-legged kind, as they introduce the Adventure Dog Series. Designed for enthusiasts who don’t leave home ...

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Gear Of The Year: Aquapac Toccoa Drysack

Aquapac Toccoa Drysack

2014 Gear Of The Year: Aquapac Toccoa Drysack With an endless amount of brands and types of backpacks out there, researching the perfect backpack can be exhausting and overwhelming. The question you need to ask yourself on your quest for ...

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