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5 Breathtaking Locations To Pitch A Tent

5 Best Campsites To Visit This Summer

January is the start of the New Year and the New You. We all make resolutions to better ourselves that we will forget by February. Don’t worry; we are just as guilty. Instead of making so many resolutions, we like ...

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7 Kickstarter Projects That Outdoorsy People Will Like

kickstarter projects

We love to find new camping gear to share with you guys. We look high and low to find the latest and greatest, but we’re getting into the time of year when there isn’t a lot of new product hitting ...

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Why Do I Camp?

I was asked recently by some friends who don’t share my passion for the outdoors, Why do I camp? My reply, “Nature called. I answered!” In all seriousness, I went home – and thoughtfully put together a deeper list that ...

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8 Proven Ways To Make You Happy

What makes you happy? We know that people have an impact on nature, but how does nature affect us? The list below shows what makes us happy. It is based on case studies and has been compiled in the book ...

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20 Epic Go Pro Videos

It’s the camera that’s revolutionized the way we capture the outdoors. From everyday hiking and biking to breaking the world record for skydiving. Check out this list of epic Go Pro videos – we’d love to hear your favorite!   ...

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2014 Holiday Outdoors Gift Guide

2014 holiday outdoor gift guide

As we enter into the homestretch of fall, we start to hand the baton off to the winter season. And with winter comes the great holiday festivities. Check out our 2014 Holiday Outdoors Gift Guide to help you find the ...

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Camp Caddy Helps You Stay Organized

camp caddy

Camp Caddy Helps You Stay Organized and Prepared While You Camp Everyone at 50 Campfires and all our readers have at least one thing in common, we all agree camping is awesome. However, sometimes problems with organization and packing can ...

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21 Awesome Outdoor Drawings By Sam Larson

If you’re not following Sam Larson on Instagram, you’re missing out… Sam is a prolific freelance artist who lives in Portland who draws outdoor scenes that we love at 50 Campfires. He has 99,494 followers at samlarson on Instagram and has ...

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The Outbound Life: The Mountains Of Colorado Movie

Film makers Kody and Kyler set out to film the mountains of Colorado, what they captured just may be some of the most breathtaking views of that beautiful state. We all need to take a minute from time to time ...

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10 Best Ski Resorts For Families

ski resorts for families

The saying that the “family that plays together, stays together” may sound painfully cliché but there’s a lot of truth in it. Spending quality time outside as a family is an important way to build strong bonds and make memories ...

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