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The New Zebco 33 Reel – Available in 2020

On the last 50 Campfires Field Trip, I had a chance to field-test the new Zebco 33 reel that will be out in 2020. The most significant change is that it will have a 20% faster retrieval rate. I like ...

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Got A Birthday? Don’t Forget The Fishing Poles!

Introducing friends to fishing

On our last 50 Campfires Field Trip, we had the good fortune of celebrating a birthday with friends at the lake. It was hot and sunny, and a perfect day for fun in the sun. Our mission has always been ...

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A Closer Look At The Spring Action Rockers From GCI Outdoor

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

So what’s the deal with “patented spring-action rocking technology?” Well, it’s actually the thing that sets GCI Outdoor’s camping chairs apart from anything else on the market. A quick search for “rocking camping chair” will pull up a lot of ...

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How To Deal With The 5 Most Dangerous Animals In North America

Whether you’re hiking in the swamps of Florida, the hills of the Northeast, the mountains and deserts of the West, or the cold tundra of Alaska, you may encounter one of the dangerous animals in North America. And while everyone ...

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Can Camping Help Anxiety? YES!

can camping help anxiety

According to a recent study, 40 million US adults currently suffer from anxiety. That’s almost 15 percent of the adult population. With this many people suffering from anxiety, it’s no surprise that many are turning to the great outdoors as ...

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First Aid Skills You Need To Know For The Trail

One of the main reasons people go hiking and camping is to get away from the hectic urban and suburban world of their everyday lives. Getting out in nature, miles from civilization, and enjoying the company of wild animals and ...

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10 Things You Need To Know Before Taking A Motorcycle Camping Trip

motorcycle camping

While surfing my Facebook feed recently, I saw that one of my high school friends was taking a motorcycle camping trip across the Western United States with some of his lifelong friends. While I had lost touch with my friend ...

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Fathers Day Gift Guide For Outdoor Dads

Fathers day gift guide for outdoor dads

There was nothing like spending time in the woods with Dad. It seemed like he knew everything. He knew what every tree was. He could tell you where the tracks came from. He could have a fire going in the ...

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Episode 3 of Angler Expedition: Costa Rica Freshwater Fishing

BeAlive Angler Expedition Costa Rica fishing

Bass bros Oliver Ngy and Cobi Pellerito are on the ultimate guys trip to Costa Rica. It’s jigging and relaxing on the ocean as they enjoy fresh pineapple on the boat. Cobi catches 7 new species in just one day, ...

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Episode 2 of Angler Expedition: Costa Rica Freshwater Fishing

Bass bros Oliver Ngy and Cobi Pellerito are on the ultimate guys trip to Costa Rica. After exploring the freshwater fishing experience they travel to the coast to chase saltwater species. Cobi’s first trip out of the United States has ...

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