In The Can

In The Can: Fogbelt Brewing – Santa Rosa, CA

If you head north on Highway 101 for about 60 miles from San Francisco, California – you’ll come to the city of Santa Rosa. As the county seat of Sonoma County, it’s a well-known destination for wine lovers from around ...

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3 Great Craft Beers With Crazy Names


Since our January issue of 50 Campfires is all about getting out and trying new things in the year ahead, the craft brews in cans we’ve selected follow the same theme. We encourage you to try something a little wild in ...

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Craft Beers From America’s Great Camping Destinations

Camping Destination Flavors

When we travel to great camping destinations across the country (or the continent or world, for that matter) we’re seeking a totally immersive experience. Even as short as time may be, we want to take it all in. So often ...

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Pair These Dark Beers With Turkey And Campfire

Campfire Thanksgiving Beers

Just so you know, you’re in the right place. This is 50 Campfires’ selection of beers that pair well with a campfire-cooked Thanksgiving feast. It’s not meant primarily to be a column giving thanks for beer…but of course, in a ...

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Pumpkin Beer and More

Pumple Drumkin Beer Case

Think October. Think cool nights at the campfire. Think brightly colored autumn leaves. Think fields full of pumpkins with the orange orbs standing out more each day as the vines and foliage wither. Hmmm …pumpkins … jack-o-lanterns … pies … ...

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Craft Brew Flavor for Camping, Big as September Sky

Sparkling blue in the day, bottomless black in the night, September skies are some of the finest of the year. The very best are crisp as the “snap” of cracking open a can of your favorite craft brew flavor for ...

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In The Can … or Bottle?

in the can

Heat. Blazing sun. Perspiration soaking through your shirt. That’s the definition of a “dog day.” Nothing’s cooler, more refreshing, or more iconic than an icy cold beer. For those moments, nothing but a brew that’s light, cutting, and cold will ...

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These Pint Glasses Have A Mountain Molded In The Base

North drinkware mt hood

At 50 Campfires we love craft beer and we love the outdoors, so we instantly took to the North Drinkware Mt Hood pint glass. They used USGS data to create a 3D model and mold that results in an absolutely ...

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Wintery Brews

In The Can Winter

Living in Minnesota during the winter means you better prepare for the cold months. When I say cold, I literally mean consecutive days of below zero temps. 5 science based tips to stay warm and 10 winter survival hacks offer ...

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Uinta Brewing Wyld

We had the chance to tour Uinta Brewing while we spent a week in Salt Lake City, covering all of the latest camping gear at the Outdoor Retailer Show. We sampled a ton of different Uinta beers and although they ...

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