The Case Knives Sod Buster Is A Go To Knife

Usually, when we head out camping, we want to have a knife for us for all the little things that come up when outdoors. From shaving kindling to cutting a piece of rope to hang the clothesline, a quality knife can come in handy. The Case Knives Sod Buster is a perfect knife to take camping. As most people know Case Knives are some of the most durable, hand-crafted knives on the market, so they are always worth having around.

case knives sod buster

Case Knives Sod Buster

The Sodbuster is one of Case’s oldest knives and has stood the test of time for good reason. The knife features a tru-sharp surgical skinner blade with a cool looking Sod Buster logo etched into the blade. We like that it is a folding knife, so it can easily go in your pocket or camp box with no worries of it swinging open.

The handle is simple, yet sturdy and impact resistant. If you have small hands, you’ll really like the feel of this knife. There are 2 versions of the Sod Buster the regular, which measures 4 5/8″ and a jr version, which is one inch shorter at 3 5/8″. Overall the Case Knives Sod Buster, is a high quality, simple knife that will come in handy at the campsite.

Price: Varies