10 Tips for Camping With Dogs in Hot Weather

The dog days of summer are here! Summer is celebrating with high temps and more time to be exposed to UV rays. But we won’t let that keep us from bringing our favorite, furry, four-legged friends along on our camping trips! However, it should impact your normal camping routine, as there are specific ways you can prepare that will improve the safety of your pet and improve the all around experience of camping with dogs.

Remember, dogs can overheat more easily than humans. They’re furry little creatures, making heat a real problem for them. This is especially an issue when it comes to older dogs and puppies. Checkout our 10 tips (in no specific order) for camping with dogs in hot weather below.

Tips for Camping With Dogs in Hot Weather:

1. Take a Trip to the Vet.

Consider taking your dog to the vet before you make the trip to make sure they’re up to date on vaccinations and in good traveling health. You would hate to take Rover on your camping trip only to later find out something was wrong. No harm in taking precaution before camping with dogs!

Camping With Dogs

Take a Trip to the Vet


2. Keep the H20 on Hand. 

You can ensure your dog doesn’t get dehydrated by offering plenty of drinking water. You can even add ice to make it a little more enticing. Just as you can get dehydrated, so can your dog! Always be generous with the water when camping with dogs.

Camping With Dogs

Keep the H20 on Hand

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3. Stick Together. 

Even if you consider your dog to be very well behaved, anything can happen when you’re not watching. Plan to have them with you for every step. If something goes wrong, you know how to handle your dog best, plus they’re way less likely to get in trouble if you’re keeping a close eye.


Camping With Dogs

Stick Together


4. Apply a Cold Compress.

Use a water bladder, cooling body wrap, vest, or mat as a cold compress. You could also try a towel soaked in cold water if your dog dislikes other options. This will do wonders for your dog on a hot and humid day.

Camping With Dogs

Apply a Cold Compress

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5. Set Limits and Stick to Them.

Limit your dog’s exercise. Even a highly active, healthy dog can get overly tired or experience heat exhaustion. Watch them carefully, paying close attention to heavy breathing and other signs of heatstroke. Just as we are often warmed to limit our exposure to UV rays and heat, you must do this for your dog too.

Camping With Dogs

Set Limits and Stick to Them


6. Purchase a Cooling Vest.

There are various cooling vest options on the market. You can soak this Ruffwear vest in cold water, wring it out, and fasten around your dog. It’s a super simple way of cooling off your dog without restricting movement for periods of time.

Camping With Dogs

Purchase a Cooling Vest

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7. Learn It’s Okay to Say No.

Avoid letting your dog drink about of streams or natural pools of water to avoid bacteria and other things that could be in the water. This is a very easy way for dogs to get sick, and they often don’t know any better, so keep a close eye out!

Camping With Dogs

Learn It’s Okay to Say No


8. Thin Out that Hairdo.

Depending on your dog’s coat, it can be essential to groom out their undercoat each summer. This will hopefully make their coat a lot thinner, making warm days outside much more bearable!

Camping With Dogs

Thin Out that Hairdo

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 9. Never Leave Unattended in Vehicles.

Make sure to never leave your dog in a parked car during warm weather. Temperatures can rise so quickly inside a vehicle, making even mild days dangerous. If you wouldn’t want to be trapped in a hot vehicle, neither would your dog. Not to mention if you do leave your dog in a vehicle on a hot day, there’s a good chance someone will smash your window open to get them out.

Camping With Dogs

Never Leave Unattended in Vehicles


10. Offer Shaded Opportunities.

Make sure your dog always has a way to get out of the sun. Tree shade and tarps are ideal for providing shade because they won’t obstruct airflow. Even pausing for a while under a tree while on a hike will do the trick. This is a simple way to keep your dog safe from heat on summer days.

Camping With Dogs

Offer Shaded Opportunities


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Feature Photo by patchattack on April 18, 2009 via Flickr.