camping tote system

Camping Tips: Using The 4 Camping Tote System

Having a way to organize all of your camping gear will make going camping more fun. We promise. There are certainly different ways to do it from using a shoe organizer to using the tried and true camp box. We have always used two camping totes, but often spend too much time digging around looking for the thing we need.

We love receiving camping tips from our readers and Kevin Pilson sent us a good one. His boy scout troop uses the 4 camping tote system. You would certainly have to be traveling in a larger vehicle than a car to pull this off, but it is a great idea. Kevin separates his totes into Cooking, Eating, Clean Up, and Miscellaneous. This allows him to easily find what he’s looking for, instead of having all of those categories stuffed into two totes and rummaging through it all to find four paper plates.

camping tote system

Using The 4 Camping Tote System

The Cooking Tote houses utensils, aluminum foil, pots, pans, etc. Consider a single burner camp stove to make your setup even more efficient.

The Eating Tote has plates, cups, paper towels, forks, napkins, wet wipes, etc. Our favorite way to make coffee lately has been the Stanley French Press. It’s built like a tank and keeps coffee piping hot for 2-3 hours.

The Clean Up Tote is great for housing dish soap, trash bags, towels, etc. For cast iron cleaning you’re not going to beat a good chainmail scrubber. Even the nastiest fried chicken pan comes clean with very little elbow grease, and somehow it doesn’t dig into your patina. Well worth picking one up.

The Miscellaneous Tote should carry items that don’t fit the categories of the other totes such as bug spray, sunscreen, games, and fire starting materials. Speaking of firestarters, Burner is the best one out right now in terms of price and flame intensity.

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