Camping Gear from the Hardware Store – that’s Great Hardware!

This was the fourth year that 50 Campfires made the trek out to the Las Vegas desert for the National Hardware Show. We spent our days bouncing from booth to booth, checking out the latest and greatest products designed for both the backyard and campsite. We know, it’s a rough job – but someone has to do it. We hope you enjoy our roundup of some of the great products that we found in the Vegas sun –

Great Scrape : Woody Paddle

We’ve all heard nightmare stories about someone eating a grill bristle from an old grill brush. Great Scrape has created an all natural BBQ cleaning tool that custom fits itself to your exact grill grates. Made of solid hardwood, this is the way to get the gunk off.

Barrelhouse Cooker – 14” Deluxe

We love products that can transition from home to the campsite, and the Barrelhouse Cooker is a perfect example. Use the cooker in your backyard, then easily transition the modular system into a portable hibachi grill for camping. It’s really the best of both worlds.

Dometic CFX Series

If you’ve got access to power via a 12V (cigarette lighter) plug, and need to keep food as cold as you would at home – the Dometic CFX series of portable refrigertor/freezers are just what you need. Dual temperature zones, quiet operation and lightweight are just the tip of the features iceberg stacked into these handy units.

FireDisc Cooker

Let’s face it. Cooking for a group over a traditional camp stove sometimes doesn’t cut it. Pancakes two at a time, or burgers that take an eternity to cook. The FireDisc Cooker provides a large surface area for everything from scrambling to deep frying – available in two heights and multiple colors.
From $279.99

Goal Zero : Yeti 1400 Lithium

Goal Zero has been powering the outdoors for a while, and they just upped their game with the addition of portable lithium-based power stations. The Yeti 1400 will put out enough juice to keep your creature comforts up and running, with enough on the backend to give you a boost in case of emergencies.


Sometimes hauling a full cooler to the beach or out on the trail doesn’t make sense. The guys over at ChilSleeve have figured out a way to haul 6 cans of your favorite beverage – while keeping them cold for 3-6 hours. We loved the over-the-shoulder carrying strap. Check it out!


Picture this: You go to your favorite brewery for a growler fill. You haul the beer to camp, and crack open the seal. Within minutes, you’re left with the flat remnants of that delicious IPA. ManCan has you covered with their 64oz & 128oz, CO2 powered growler-kegs. Buy one now – you’ll thanks us later.

Tailgater Tire Table

If you’re camping or tailgating near your car, then the folks at Tailgater Tire Table have got something for you. The ingenious design simply slips over the top of any of your vehicle’s tires to create a solid work and eat surface. It packs up flat – making it easy to move on.

Brightz : BugBrightz

If you’ve got kids, then you already know how much they love stuff that lights up or glows in the dark. Brightz makes a full line of portable LED play lights designed for outdoor activities. The BugBrightz caught our eye – simply place them into a Mason Jar, and you’ve got a whimsical handheld lantern for hours of entertainment.

Bihler Flex : The Perfect Bungee

If you’re anything like us, you’re replacing bungee cords annually. Between the elements and useage, they often break down, crack and become brittle. Bihler Flex has come up with a patented material that overcome these bungee nightmares, all packaged in stylish colors that’ll match your lifestyle.

Dynatrap : DT1050 Insect Trap

If you’re planning on setting up shop, the Dynatrap DT1050 will help keep the nasty bugs at bay. Designed to “trick” flying insects through a combination of UV light and CO2, the Dynatrap goes a step beyond traditional sprays – actually stopping an entire generation of mosquitos, flies, wasps and more!

FYNX : Campfire ConeFork

We’re loving this multi-purpose campfire cooking tool. Not only has the Campfire ConeFork improved upon campfire cones – but they’ve also created a handheld appliance that makes everything from foil packets to campfire burritos and hot dogs easier to cook.

Smart Swatter

There are two types of people in the world: Those who don’t mind squashing bugs – and those who do. The Smart Swatter is designed for the later. With a brilliant one-sided spike design, the Smart Swatter not only kills the pest, but also captures it for easy disposal – and less mess.

GCI : Firepit Rocker

The first time we saw GCI’s line of rocking camp chairs, we knew that they were onto something. New to their lineup this year, is the Firepit Rocker. This lowrider camp chair features GCI’s Spring-Action Rocking Technology – leaving you comfy and rocking well into the night.