boiled fish with shrimps and potato

Campfire Recipes From Carolina Lowcountry

Carolina Lowcountry cooking is about two things. The first is seafood so fresh it’s still moving – literally. It’s likely just minutes off the boat. The second is about cooking up that seafood over an outdoor wood fire. Yes, a holiday season campfire will work just fine.

Oliver Thames, the subject of this issue’s 50 Campfires’ “On the Line” column, has been blessed to know this kind of cooking and eating all his life. He’s turned it into a business catering Lowcountry cookouts throughout the region and building a wood fire stove called the Bulls Bay OYRO cooker. He also generously agreed to share some of his “go to” recipes with 50 Campfires’ fans.

Now, Oliver’s Surf and Turf and Shrimp Boil recipes turn out great on the Bulls Bay OYRO cooker, but on a smaller scale they will also work well on your campfire coals with a griddle or a big old kettle. The cocktail sauce can be made anywhere you can mix up the ingredients. It’s a sauce for which you’ll find new uses every time you make it.

Here are three of our favorite seafood recipes from Carolina Lowcountry.