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Cache Lake Camping Food – Cold Prep Options

Cache Lake is a small company offering great camping foods with a wide variety of easy to prepare meals that are excellent for camping, hiking or backpacking. The great thing about the camping foods they offer ease of preparation. Most are made with a frying pan, but some don’t even require that. All you do is add water to the mix, then stir, soak, or cook. There food is designed for experience campers and backpackers who are tired of hauling meals that do not fill them up. The packages are 4-6 ounces are compact but can feed up to 2 people. For example their soup mixes make 32 ounces worth of delicious soup.

Cache Lake also has a variety of foods that can be prepared cold and most do not require cooking but are still very delicious. These meals just need water and are perfect when you are on the go. If it is hot at the campsite and warm food does not seem appealing just whip up one of these cold prep foods and enjoy. A special pouch technology allows storage of these products without refrigeration and gives them a shelf-life of three years!

Cold Prep Foods

Wild Rice Vegetable Salad – This salad is full of fresh tasting peas, carrots, celery and wild rice. It requires no cooking and can be soaked in the bag it comes in for 8 hours or overnight. The salad can be cooked if you would like for 15 minutes, The salad comes with ranch or Italian dressing.

Wrap Fillings – Just provide the wrap, Cache Lake will provide the filling. Each package fills four 8” tortillas. Tasty beans with a little crunch and several varieties from which to choose such as beans with cheese beans with nacho cheese, beans with taco flavored bits, beans with salsa spices, cheese with beans and mild nacho cheese with beans.

Pudding – It’s really quick. Mix with water for one minute, let stand for another, and its ready to eat. Unbelievable creamy taste, comes in vanilla, lemon crème and chocolate.