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Butler Kids Overboot Overview

Overview: The Butler Kids Overboot is really designed to make mom’s life easier so it’s super versatile. A beautiful boot made out of TPE and inside are children’s shoes. So the child simply dons the boot over his shoe and once he or she gets to school or their destination they just take the boot off and they’re already wearing their shoes.

It’s very, very versatile but it’s also extremely comfortable. Butler designed the boot to have a 16 millimeter liner inside the boot and if you were to put your hand in this boot you’d notice how comfortable the boot is. As far as performance, of course, it’s very warm in the winter and cool in the summer because the liner breathes.

Best of all it’s made in the United States. For more information on Butler and to check out the Overboot and the rest of their great products, check them out here.

Manufacturer: Butler
Product Name: Kids Overboot
MSRP: $49.99
Butler Kids Overboot

Butler Kids Overboot

Butler Kids Overboot

Butler Kids Overboot


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