Butler Boots with Liners Overview

Overview:The original Butler boots, of course, that you could wear over a shoe and now for 2015 comes with this liner. Now unlike traditional boots that have very thin, thin liners this is 60 millimeters thick but 100% breathable and you can breathe right through it, which means comfort in the long run. Your feet do not sweat in it and it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

So this is new for 2015 and the kids, if they keep the liner in the boots, they wear the boots like a normal boot. If they take the liner out they can wear the over boot over their shoes, so it’s like a transformer if you want.

Of course, all their products are sourced at a manufacturer in the United States. For more information on Butler and to check out the Overboot and the rest of their great products, check them out here.

Manufacturer: Butler
Product Name: Boot With Liner

Butler Boots with Liners


Butler Boots with Liners