Burnie Self Burning Grill Overview

Overview: Here’s the new Burnie Self Burning Grill and this is a great alternative to charcoal grilling and lugging wood in a forest. Burnie hand selects Alderwood trees that are cut in 5” sections, filled with Alderwood charcoal, far lighter, no chemicals, no additives, just drop a match in and within 20 minutes you’ll be cooking on your grill fast, easy and clean.

You can use a skillet on it, you can put a pot of coffee on it or you can use a portable grate. It’s easy to carry around in most places. You might want to find a little accessory to keep it safe from burning any subsurface.
They have 2 sizes and this is a medium size and its 12” in diameter and about 3 pounds, and few have a large size that’s 14” in diameter and 5 pounds. Either way you get about 1 ½ hours worth of cooking and about 2 hours worth of burn. What it allows you to do after that is use it for the campfire for the rest of your evening.

So Burnie is really the next best alternative, absolutely clean best thing for the environment. Head over to Burnies website here and check it out.

Manufacturer: Burnie
Product Name: Self Burning Grill
MSRP: $16.99-18.99
Burnie Self Burning Grill

Burnie Self Burning Grill

Burnie Self Burning Grill

Burnie Self Burning Grill


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