First Time Bull Shark Fishing On The Florida Nature Coast [VIDEO]

Perhaps it’s from seeing the movie “Jaws” too many times as a youth, but it has long been a dream of Nick’s to catch a shark. The Nature Coast provided the right opportunity for him to fulfill that dream. The best bull shark fishing is at night, so he invited the guys from COAST to join him on a charter with Shark Ventures out of Crystal River, Florida.

From there, they headed out into the Gulf at sunset and set the lines. The evening’s catch included a saltwater catfish and a big gar. Then came Nick’s turn. This time when the rod bent it was to fight a 4-foot bull shark!

Catching, tagging, and releasing sharks is part of a conservation effort to learn more about the reproduction, growth, and movements of these incredible, prehistoric fish. Nick’s bull shark was tagged, named “Fifty”, and released as part of the Gray FishTag Research Program.  You can check out Gray FishTag Research and see the updates on “Fifty.” If you’re ever on the Florida Nature Coast, and you’re looking for an evening of adventure, bull shark fishing with Captain Ed from Shark Ventures will deliver.

Our friends from COAST were the first ones to get a strike!

Elliot from COAST lands a monster gar.

After an entire evening of searching, Nick finally has one on!

Not only did he get the picture of a lifetime, but also was able to tag the shark and release it, contributing to important conservation efforts.