Blue Crab Trapping for Beginners

Blue crab trapping is a fun, relaxing way to spend a lazy day on Florida’s Nature Coast. The crustaceans are abundant and delicious.

The fresh, brackish, and salt waterways of Florida’s Nature Coast are all home to blue crabs. What’s so special about blue crab trapping?

First, blue crabs are widespread. Any Florida body of water with a connection to saltwater – part time or full time – is a likely spot to find them. Many canal-side residents just keep a trap or two soaking nearly all the time to harvest the bounty.

Second, with a little gear, the right bait, patience, and some luck blue crabs are fairly easy to catch. The key ingredient is time. You need some time to let your crab traps “soak” – as the locals call it – to have the crabs find the bait and pile into the trap.

Third, blue crabs are easy to prepare to prepare for the table. A quick steam with some Old Bay seasoning is all it takes and the crabs are ready to dump on the table for a pickin’ party.

Fourth, finally, and probably most importantly, they are delicious. They are undoubtedly work the effort to catch, cook, and pick!

With the Ascend kayaks, a trap, and some bait, Clint had everything he needed to go after blue crabs – except one thing – time.

everything is ready for some blue crab trapping