Blackfire Clamplight Overview

Overview The Blackfire Clamplight is a flashlight designed for the most functionality possible. Blackfire designed this product to work seamlessly when the user needs both hands and can’t hold a flashlight at the same time. Built with the capability to swivel, clamp, and stand on its own, this light truly is versatile and built for performance.

What Makes It Unique The Blackfire Clamplight has a 1 watt White XR-C LED bulb made by Cree—one of the best light manufactures in the world. This bulb has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours with up to 100 lumens. The clamp capability makes this light able to clamp to most anything. The light can stand on its own when the clamps are opened and won’t get in the way like most tripod stands. The flashlight head also comes with swiveling technology for easy multidirectional capabilities.

Manufacturer: Blackfire
Product Name: Clamplight
MSRP: $27.99

blackfire clamplight

Blackfire Clamplight

Blackfire clamplight

Blackfire Clamplight