Black Rapid Sport Camera Sling Overview

Overview: Black Rapid has really made a name for themselves in the camera sling industry; they’re the inventor of the original camera sling. What that means is patented hardware that screws into the bottom of your camera’s tripod socket here and what that allows you to do is carry your camera upside down at your side and when you’re ready to take a shot it’s as easy as grabbing the grip and bringing it up the length of the webbing and your finger is right there on the trigger and setting it back down hands free. You can even lock it away with these locking bumpers here so when you’re walking around it’s as easy as just undoing the bumper.

This is the Black Rapid Sport Strap and what makes it unique is an underarm brad stabilizer. That is going to keep the shoulder pad nice and in place, so if you are walking around and bouncing around a lot the shoulder pad will stay right in place and not move on you.

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Manufacturer: Black Rapid
Product Name: Sport Camera Sling
MSRP: $73.95

Black Rapid Sport Camera Sling


Black Rapid Sport Camera Sling