birksun atlast backpack

Birksun Solar Backpacks

When I see the BirkSun Solar Backpacks I feel like I’m getting glimpse of what everything wearable will look like in the future. As solar panels continue to evolve they’ll become smaller, more efficient and more flexible. It’s not hard to imagine every hat and jacket with a stylish, flexible solar panel built-in, to charge the gadgets that increasingly surround us.

Birksun has taken one of the first steps in that direction. You’re already already wearing a backpack around outside, right? Why wouldn’t you want to have a solar panel on it?

The BirkSun Atlas is more of a messenger style bag and has a 6W solar panel with 2,400 mAh battery. While you’re out and about it’s charging up so it’s ready when you need it. If you want you can charge it up via a wall outlet too. It also holds a 17″ laptop.

The Birksun Levels Solar Backpack is a great, green solution if you are out of the house all day and need to keep your phone charged. It has a 4.5W solar panel and a 2,400 mAh battery that’s ready to go when you need it. It holds up to a 17″ laptop and has several different compartments for all of your wares. Throw a water bottle in the sleeve on the side and you’re ready to set out for the day with plenty of power for you phone or tablet.