BikeBoards Bike Skis Overview

Overview: BikeBoards has developed their own custom bike ski. It’s wider in the front and narrower in the back and they refer to them as BikeBoards. They simply have a mounting bracket that moves forward and backward to adjust for different terrain to raise the tip uphill or downhill.

They also developed a custom bike rack. This bike rack allows you to carry both boards and actually put one on the front or put one on the back. They are adjustable poles that actually collapse and they mount on what they call The Boot.

They also offer different colored mounting brackets so you can mix and match like old school. Pick a color you want and make it match your personality.

Check out BikeBoards’ website here.

Manufacturer: BikeBoards
Product Name: Bike Skis
MSRP: $389.00-$625.00
BikeBoards Bike Skis

BikeBoards Bike Skis

BikeBoards Bike Skis

BikeBoards Bike Skis


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