Big & Bigger Geocaching News

If you’re into geocaching (and who isn’t???) made two big announcements in the last week. How addicted you are will determine which piece of geocaching news you think is “bigger.”

Announcement #1: 3,000,000

The planet on which we live is now home to three million geocaches! Yes, this week marked the hiding of the three millionth active geocache. What’s really amazing is that each of these hides was made by an individual geocacher … somewhere. That’s how they all get out there.

If you ever want to know the “up to the minute” number of active geocaches for you to find, just go to the search page and click on the green magnifying glass next to the search bar in the middle of the page. You will need to have a basic account, but that’s free to anyone! Like watching your own list of “finds” grow, it’s just as much fun to watch “the game” grow as the number of active caches now presses on to four million.

When you have the app on your smart phone, it’s fun to show off the game to newbies. When they give you that puzzled look and ask, “What are you talking about?” you just pop up the app, put in their address and show them were the caches are hidden within a short walk of their own front door. They are always amazed.

Announcement #2: There’s now a geocaching magic button!

While the fastest growing segment of geocachers are those who use the smartphone app to navigate their way to the more than three million hidden treasures, there are many who use a traditional GPS unit at least for back up. Thanks to’s recent collaboration with Garmin, premium members can now send any custom list of geocaches directly to their Garmin GPS device with the click of one button.

Here’s how it works:

Download the latest version of Garmin Express.

Search for those caches you want to find.

Add those caches to a list.

Visit My Lists.

Select “Send to Garmin” button.

Unplug and go geocaching.