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BernzOmatic Multi-Purpose Trigger-Start Torch Kit

When a match or a lighter just won’t cut it, a blowtorch can make a world of difference. For jobs designed for intense heat, show up at a campsite with the BernzOmatic Multi-Purpose Trigger-Start Torch Kit and everyone will know you mean business. This torch is designed for a variety of outdoor and campsite uses, like melting frayed rope, soft soldering, heating putty or paint, removing rusty bolts and nuts, and thawing frozen locks.

The torch features a reliable trigger-start for easy ignition and an adjustable flame control knob to tackle a wide range of jobs that need different levels of intense heat. This kit includes a 14.1 oz. propane-filled cylinder for a long burning flame and can also attach to a standard 16.4 oz. propane tank you might have at your campsite for a propane stove. Great for toasting marshmallows or starting a campfire, having fire on-demand makes camping much more convenient and awesome.

Manufacturer: BernzOmatic
Product Name: BernzOmatic Multi-Purpose Trigger – Start Torch Kit
MSRP: $19.99