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I grew up camping in Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota. Most of the campsites are remote and all are reachable only by boat. Four days on an island ten miles up the lake forces you to solve a lot of problems. That's the part of it I love more than anything. I take pride in being able to solve just about any problem with my Leatherman, rope, bungees, and duct tape.

The Best Weather App We’ve Found

best weather app

Knowing when the rain is going to hit is crucial in planning an afternoon of outdoor activities, so here’s the best weather app we’ve found: Storm. There are a lot of things we like about the app, but what sets ...

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iPhone Party Games For Rainy Days

iphone party games

It happened. It’s raining and you’re stuck hanging out in the tent… You’re in luck! Here are three iPhone party games that are fun for small groups. 1. Heads Up You’ve probably played this before, and if you haven’t you’re in for ...

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How To Choose The Best Camping Knife

Choosing a camping knife

The web is full of discussions about the right knife. You’ll find endless, heated battles in forum after forum about the best steel, handle, blade shape, length, and so on. My goal here is to help you choose the best camping ...

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An Easy Way To Pack Kitchen Knives For Camping

packing kitchen knives

Here’s a problem a lot of campers run into: Camp cooking requires knives You already have kitchen knives Kitchen knives don’t have sheaths Since you can’t just toss a bunch of sharp kitchen knives in a camp box, here’s an ...

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Birch Bark Fire Starter

Birch bark firestarter

If you have birch trees where you live you’re in luck – you can fill a baggie with birch bark fire starter for free. It’s highly water resistant, and has lights easily due to it’s resin content. Birch bark also ...

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Quick and Dirty Bourbon Sipping Guide


George Bernard Shaw said that whiskey is liquid sunshine. As we inch closer to the end of winter we dare say that we could all use exactly that kind of sunshine to get us through. The frozen world around us ...

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Start Reserving Campsites In February

reserving campsites

Many of us are moving into the last month or so of winter, and there is plenty of winter fun left to be had. Nonetheless, it is the perfect time to start reserving campsites. Particularly those coveted hotspots that will require a ...

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9 Tips For Winter Geocaching

winter geocaching

Winter can be one of the best times to geocache! No bugs, less people around, and less undergrowth make winter geocaching a great time. With that said, there are still specific challenges that can make things difficult. These tips will ...

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What We’re Listening To This Month

camping playlist

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EO2 Fastener/Mounting System Overview

Overview: The EO2 is an industrial strength rail style fastener that allows you to snap almost anything on and off with ease. While fastened it can withstand speeds of 100+ mph and the roughest terrain imaginable. What Makes It Unique: The scalability ...

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