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The Warmest Winter Hats We Could Find

warmest winter hats

Perhaps the hardest task when dressing well for cold weather is finding a hat that’s as warm and comfortable as possible. Cold ears and cheeks can turn the winter into a miserable experience, and can make a trip into the ...

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Visit these 100 National Parks for FREE on Martin Luther King Jr. Day


As we always say at 50 Campfires, anything that gets you off the couch and outdoors is a good thing! This Monday you can visit 100 national parks for free! The more popular parks charge up to a $35 entrance ...

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5 Best Winter Boots For Women

best winter boots for women

5 Best Winter Boots For Women The winter is upon us, and you’re probably starting to feel some urgency about getting your winter gear sorted out. So, being the helpful folks that we are, we decided to come up with ...

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Portlandia’s “Get The Gear” Skit Is Spot On

portlandia get the gear skit

We’ve all seen them on the trail. They have a hydration pack. They have walking sticks. They’re probably wearing $1000 of clothing and gear. …and the trail is 1.3 miles long. Gear is fun, but it can be a trap. ...

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5 Insanely Warm Winter Socks

warm winter socks

Warm winter socks are a must-have! With heavy snow striking some parts of the country this week, it’s time to get your winter gear in order. And while everyone loves a good quality pair of boots, they’re only half of ...

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Here’s How You Hammock Camp In -40F

winter hammock camping

Is Youtuber Shugemery a little crazy? Probably. Does he know what he’s doing when it comes to winter camping? Absolutely. He’s a veteran hammock camper that has been sharing tips on Youtube since 2008. He’s inspired many people to dig ...

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The Best National Parks to Visit in the Winter

best national parks to visit in the winter

Nature lovers often think of winter as the off-season. You don’t play football in May, and you don’t go hiking in December. But what if we told you that winter can be the best time of year to visit some ...

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Gear Of The Year Awards 2019

camping gear award

2019 is coming to a close, and it’s time for us to talk about our favorite gear! Like every outdoor media platform, we work with brands to create sponsored content throughout the year. It helps us keep the lights on, ...

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What to Look For in a Camping Stove

what to look for in a camping stove

When you’re deep in the woods, it’s important to find yourself the right stove. After all, no camping experience is complete without sharing a good meal with your friends. And no good meal is possible without a reliable stove that’s ...

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5 Reasons to Start Snowshoeing This Winter

snowshoeing with a dog

When it comes to winter sports, most people think of skiing, snowboarding, or sledding. Maybe tubing comes to mind. But in recent years, the old-school art of snowshoeing has grown into a more popular pastime than ever. In the most ...

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