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AKU Ultra Light 30 GTX Boot

AKU Ultra Light 30 GTX Boot Overview

Overview: The 2015 collection of AKU boots will include bright, retro colors that will make hiking and other outdoor activities even more fun. The AKU Ultra Light 30 GTX boot is a conventional AKU trekking model for women. This retro look was brought back for AKU’s 30th anniversary and will be available in the U.S. The Ultra Light 30 GTX is lightweight, super comfortable right from the start and a great style for a woman’s boot.

What Makes It Unique: This boot is automatically unique just based on some of the colors. One version of the Ultra Light 30 GTX is bright pink, brown and yellow. There is also a traditional gray version. This style of boot has been around a long time, with this specific boot being a throw back to the original. The boots really don’t require any break in period, which could be due to the awesome Gore Tex liner. This boot comes equipped with AIR800 for extra breathability, which is a must for summer hiking. The soles are a Erica Everest Vibram giving you maximum traction. This boot is solid from top to bottom and is a great boot for women to conquer medium to difficult terrain.

Manufacturer: AKU Boots
Product Name: Ultra Light 30 GTX
MSRP: $199.99

AKU Ultralight Hiking Boots

AKU Ultralight 30 GTX Hiking Boots

AKU Ultra Light 30 GTX Boot

AKU Ultralight 30 GTX Hiking Boots


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