Ace camp Glow in the dark tent accessories

Ace Camp Glow In The Dark Tent Accessories

Ever stepped out of your tent at night and couldn’t move because you can’t see anything and yo may run in to a part coming off the tent? We have got you covered, there is quite an offering of Ace Camp glow in the dark tent accessories to increase safety at night and to help avoid tripping. They offer tent stakes, guyline adjusters and glow in the dark rope. The glow in the dark tent stakes help eliminate the risk of tripping by lighting up the ends of the tent. These stakes charge quickly with sunlight so after sunset they will give the area around your tent a nice glow. Ace Camp also has guyline adjusters that glow in the dark. They help adjust length and tautness of your tent line runners and are a great help so that you don’t clothesline yourself while entering or exiting your tent. Ace Camp also has glow in the dark rope, which is ideal to use for guyline or a clothesline in your camp. It reduces the risk of tripping or being caught by a line. The polypropylene rope is resistant to wear and tear and easily charges with sunlight. Glow in the dark tent accessories isn’t one of the first things we think of to throw in our camping tub but it really should be. There is nothing worse then not being able to see where you are going in an unfamiliar campsite.

Price: $6-20

From the manufacturer:

Since its founding in 2000, AceCamp has provided a range of outdoor equipment and emergency preparedness products to customers in dozens of countries around the world. With products from cookware and waterproof fire starters to multitools and emergency shelters, AceCamp gives outdoor enthusiasts gear they can trust in order to enjoy the adventure.