Ace Camp Flamesticks

Ace Camp Flamesticks

The Ace Camp Flamesticks are waterproof, odorless fire starter sticks that are practical for everyday use outdoors and indoors. The sticks take up a very small amount of space and don’t dirty hands when lighting. They are shaped like a Popsicle stick which keeps flame away from your fingers for safety. Made from recycled plastic material the sticks they are resistant to most weather condition and can even be submerged in water and still light. They can be used in an emergency situation for light as they have a long burn time of 6-8 minutes at get as hot as 680 degrees. Each box only weighs about 1.4 ounces and will have 100 minutes of burn time. These handy little Ace Camp flamesticks are great to bring on hikes or at the campsite.

Price: $5

From the manufacturer:

Since its founding in 2000, AceCamp has provided a range of outdoor equipment and emergency preparedness products to customers in dozens of countries around the world. With products from cookware and waterproof fire starters to multitools and emergency shelters, AceCamp gives outdoor enthusiasts gear they can trust in order to enjoy the adventure.