A Closer Look At The Spring Action Rockers From GCI Outdoor

So what’s the deal with “patented spring-action rocking technology?”

Well, it’s actually the thing that sets GCI Outdoor’s camping chairs apart from anything else on the market. A quick search for “rocking camping chair” will pull up a lot of chairs that have traditional rockers on them, but you won’t find anything quite like the GCI Outdoor lineup. What makes the makes the spring-action rocking chair different? Here are our thoughts.

The rockers are connected to a “ski”

There’s more going on than meets the eye. The base of the chair is basically a long ski, and the rockers attach to the end. The mechanics of this mean that not only is the chair extremely stable, but that you easily get the full rocking action with minimal effort.

You have six points of contact when you lean forward

This is actually one of our favorite things about the chair. On a traditional rocking chair, you’re on the rockers all the time. If you lean forward it never comes to a stop. On the CGI Outdoor rockers, when you lean forward the front legs come in contact with the ground and you’re completely stable. If you’re sitting at a table you can lean forward and it feels like a regular camping chair. In fact, there are six points of contact on the ground: two on each “ski” and one each front leg.

They fold flat for transport and storage

All you have to do is lift up on a handle and Freestyle Rocker folds up flat. Then there is a second handle on the back of the frame that makes it easy to carry to the car, soccer field, campsite, or wherever you’re headed for the afternoon. If your old camping chair is on its last leg (heh, heh), you’ll have a hard time finding one that is as comfortable and easy to transport as the GCI Freestyle Rocker.